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Stainless Steel Specialists


Stainless Steel Specialists

Our professional, qualified team fully understands the technologies that back our industry. Over the past 15 years Buckle Group has developed a team of trusted engineers who have provided an insight into the technology and methods  of the future. We are fully equipped to help you design custom products that fit your needs, even if your design began from a simple sketch on a napkin to a auto cad design.


Buckle Group are well known stainless steel specialists proudly operating in the food and beverages industry for over 40 years. Founded in 1970's By Harry buckle (formerly know as B&Y engineering) Buckle Group evolved into a fabricator that provided a superior finished product at unbeatable speeds with complete engineering support throughout the process. 


Our staff at Buckle Group live by the reputation for meeting and exceeding customer needs at competitive pricing. Our benefit is that we are able to provide aftercare and support, Our 24/7 breakdown line is allways open to customers. 


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